Dating Virgo? You must know these  commandments.

If you date a Virgo, expect to be showered with chips, fast snacks, flowers, and life's best luxuries without asking.





Virgos aren't usually adventure addicts, but they have a daring streak that might lead them to drive to the beach at 2am without asking questions.





Lady, if you wanted slick language and flattery, go somewhere. When Virgo wants someone, they'll say so.





Given their meticulous nature, Virgos may perceive partnerships as ‘fixer-uppers’. This may stifle your freedom, but it will charge your phone, iPad, and AirPods every morning.





To blanket or not? Sunrise or midnight stargazing? Virgos can spend their entire lives sleeping at 10pm, then suddenly become unable to sleep without binge-watching true murder programs till dawn.





Politeness and niceties can physically deplete this sign. Allow ample alone time between social engagements to prevent them from withdrawing.





Before you condemn them for their perfectionist tendencies, know that they have a precisely calibrated list of your life mistakes and won't hesitate to call you out.






In Virgo dating, there is no such thing as a horrible breakup, only quiet acceptance of distinct life goals. If their meal delivery app has their ex's address, beware.

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