Creating a Beautiful and Balanced Character Board

Charcuterie is our current appetizer of choice, despite the cheese board. Easy to assemble and great for summer entertainment,

The charcuterie board offers spicy, sweet, and salty cured meats from our local butcher or specialty food shop to complement the bright, fresh sensations we want in the summer.

Here's how we make a charcuterie board to start the night or serve as a summer meal.

Strive for plenty. Editing and adding have their times. We stock the charcuterie board with as many items as possible to get people to try it.

Aim for equilibrium. Meat shines, but the supporting cast always enhances it. Pair your meats with nutty cheeses, briny olives, fiery radishes, and sweet almonds.

Create visual delights. Remember, we feed visually. Consider color when building the platter to avoid a monochrome board. Radish greens and grilled asparagus spears for a fresh appearance, or add berries for color.

Utilize tiny containers. Store marinated or messy ingredients in small jars. Olives and artichokes go well in little Ball jars, while berries and nuts well in porcelain dishes.

Consult specialists. If choosing prosciutto and pâté is difficult, consult the counter specialists. They'll gladly advise you and help you find the proper solutions, maybe even samples. Minimum three meat kinds are preferred.