Common reasons for weight loss plateaus part 2

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Medical Conditions: – Certain medical conditions, such as hypothyroidism, can affect metabolism and contribute to weight loss plateaus.

Inconsistent Tracking: – Inaccuracies in tracking food intake or exercise can lead to a miscalculation of calorie balance.

Overtraining: – Excessive exercise without adequate recovery may lead to hormonal imbalances, impacting weight loss.

Aging: – Metabolism naturally slows with age, making weight loss more challenging as individuals get older.

Lack of Patience: – Unrealistic expectations and impatience can lead to frustration during the natural fluctuations of weight loss.

Hormonal Changes: – Fluctuations in hormones, especially in women, during menstruation or menopause, can impact weight loss progress.

Genetic Factors: – Genetic predispositions can influence how the body responds to diet and exercise, affecting weight loss outcomes.

Hidden Calories: – Unaccounted for calories in condiments, dressings, or beverages can contribute to a caloric surplus.

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