Causes of winter weight increase and strategies for prevention

During the winter, even your favorite tailored pants and shirt seem snugger. You can feel like you've gained a few kg even if you're not changing a thing about your regular routine. I know this sounds like an assumption, but the truth is that most individuals put on a few more pounds over the winter.

Many health issues accompany the winter season. As a result, you may have changes in your weight in addition to a worsening of cold, flu, arthritis, skin, and respiratory illnesses. Many people put on three to five kg throughout the winter, according to a research. Understanding the causes of weight gain is essential for preventing it.

People typically stay indoors more when the winter weather approaches. We all love staying in bed with a good book during the winter. There is a decline in our level of exercise. In addition, many individuals neglect their regular exercise regimens, such as walking or running. 

The body ends up storing the calories you eat as fat since you don't expend them. Find a workout buddy to keep you motivated this season. Their buddy or neighbor may be the one. Staying active and encouraging each other is a great way to remain fit.

The gloomy season depresses us. Many people acquire severe depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), due to lack of sunshine. This causes overeating, bad diets, and inactivity. A person may acquire weight. Try to spend time in the sun whenever feasible to fix this.

We crave heavier, warmer foods when the weather drops. Warm meal boosts mood and body temperature. However, carb and fat overload is dangerous. If you want to lose weight, try clear soup instead of creamy. Stay active to burn extra calories.

Water consumption is essential for weight management. Winter is harder to remain hydrated than summer, when we always have a water bottle. Dehydration can cause hunger, prompting food cravings. For weight control in winter, drink 2-3 liters of water everyday.

The season might be difficult for diabetics and thyroid patients. Seasonal changes usually cause hormone imbalance. Unbalanced hormones can increase appetite or slow weight reduction. Maintain hormone balance with frequent checkups. Your doctor may adjust your medicine.

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