Botanical Selections Aligned with Your Astrological Sign

Which plants, herbs, fruits, and veggies benefit YOUR zodiac sign? Certain plants may cure, grow, balance, and inspire all 12 signs. Find your sign below and flourish by filling your yard, fridge, and house with Mother Nature's beautiful gifts!


Mars rules Fire sign Aries. Thorns or prickles characterize plants connected with this element and planet. They are hot, bitter, or crimson. Aries regulates the head, eyes, and face, hence the finest plants for Aries cleanse the blood, stimulate the adrenal glands, or are heavy in iron (Mars rules iron).


Venus rules Earth sign Taurus. Taurus plants have beautiful blooms and seductive perfumes because Venus represents desire and beauty. Because Taurus regulates the throat and ears, the best Bull plants soothe the throat or relax the digestive system after overeating the greatest foods.


Mild aromas, hairy or fuzzy leaves (relative to the cilia in the lungs), and finely split stems or leaves are typical of plants native to the sign of Gemini. The lungs and respiratory system can benefit from the plants linked to Gemini, while the neurological system can find relief from these plants.


Cancer is a Water sign controlled by the Moon, hence its plants have soft or Moon-shaped leaves, are wet, or are near water. They often have white or pale yellow blooms. Crabs are related with digestive or subconscious plants since Cancer regulates the stomach, breasts, diaphragm, and liver.


Natural Fire sign Leo is controlled by the dazzling Sun. Leo the Lion rules the heart. Leo's plants are huge, yellow or orange, or have heart-shaped or radiating leaves. Leo benefits most from blood pressure-lowering and spirit-lifting plants.


Mercury rules Earth sign Virgo. Virgo, the Grain Goddess, is connected with fall. She grows plants with finely split leaves or stalks, mild scents, and small, colorful blooms. The best Virgo plants are potassium-rich and nerve-calming.


The planet Venus rules the air sign Libra. Plants native to Libra typically have a sunny disposition, fragrant blossoms, and a mild fragrance, all thanks to Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Plants native to Libra can help restore harmony to the kidneys and adrenals, two systems that Libra regulates.


Scorpio plants are usually underground or in secluded areas. Mars and Pluto dominate Scorpio. They may be red, thorny, and grow under pressure. Scorpios benefit from herbs that balance hormones, manage the menstrual cycle, or aid childbirth and pregnancy since they rule the reproductive organs.


Jupiter, the hopeful planet, rules Fire sign Sagittarius. The Archer's plants are huge, noticeable, and fragrant. The greatest Sagittarius plants help the liver, are heavy in silica, and boost mood.


Saturn-ruled Capricorn plants have few blossoms, are knobby or woody, and may smell or taste bad. Plants with yearly rings are connected with the Goat since Saturn controls long-lived, slow-growing plants. Capricorn regulates the knees, joints, bones, and teeth, thus calcium-rich vegetables are excellent. 


Since the Water-bearer is an Air sign ruled by the eccentric Uranus, their plants may take on a wide variety of forms and flourish in the most peculiar of settings. Aquarius thrives in environments that support healthy circulation, calm the nervous system, and inspire creativity.


Pisces plants, controlled by Jupiter and Neptune, are huge, rare, and may grow near the water. Pisces benefit most from immune-boosting or antimicrobial herbs. Pisces plants can boost consciousness and aid dreamwork.

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