Best LA Lakers Trade Scenarios

The Los Angeles Lakers are 12-9 in the Western Conference, enough for 7th place. The Lakers are above.500 and LeBron James and Anthony Davis are consistent, but they may not win a championship as they are. In particular, the Lakers have looked poor numerous games this season.





Luckily, they have seven great trading situations available today. The asking costs of the clubs giving their players make some of them unrealistic, but not impossible. The seven greatest trade possibilities for the Lakers, ordered from least to most realistic, show what they can do once their most prized trade assets are no longer restricted.




Trae Young

The Los Angeles Lakers would take a risk by trading for Trae Young from the Atlanta Hawks. Trae Young's explosive play and scoring would transform the Lakers' offense. Along with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, his playmaking may form a "Big Three" that could challenge any defense.

Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell and Isaac Okoro from the Cleveland Cavaliers would strengthen the Los Angeles Lakers' squad. Alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis, Donovan Mitchell's explosive scoring and playmaking would strengthen the Lakers' backcourt. Mitchell, 27, is still on fire after scoring 28.3 points per game last year and 27.1 this season.

Myles Turner

In an intriguing deal, the Lakers would get Myles Turner from the Indiana Pacers to their frontcourt. Turner's shot-blocking and rim-protecting center skills would instantly address a Lakers need. He would complement LeBron James and Anthony Davis' offense with his defense and three-point shooting.

Pascal Siakam

The Los Angeles Lakers might improve their roster by signing Pascal Siakam from the Toronto Raptors. A dynamic big with scoring, rebounding, and defensive skills, Siakam would provide the Lakers depth and a two-way presence. His skills match the Lakers' fast-paced, transitional style. As the Raptors' top player, Siakam is averaging 20.0 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 5.0 assists per game. Trading him would be risky but lucrative.

DeMar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan, a veteran with a strong scoring style and mid-range skills, may fit the Lakers' offense. His ability to generate his own shot and execute in key circumstances may relieve LeBron James and Anthony Davis' scoring load. DeRozan's scoring and playmaking ability would strengthen the Lakers' starting lineup and give a viable offensive option off the bench, making their rotation more dynamic and diverse.

Zach LaVine

The Los Angeles Lakers' blockbuster deal for Zach LaVine may enhance their offense. Adding LaVine, a dynamic scoring guard who can build and finish plays, would compliment LeBron James and Anthony Davis. His three-point shooting, quickness, and versatility might make the Lakers more threatening in the tough Western Conference.

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