Assessing the most adept astrological partners in a romantic connection

Astrology: What makes some signs the finest zodiac lovers? Just about anything. For one, your zodiac sign reveals your inner self and predicts your romantic tendencies. Here's a look at the type of lover you and your crush are likely to be in a relationship.


Aries also doesn't back down from a challenge. As a thrill-seeker, an Aries may arrive at your door at midnight with movie tickets or suddenly take you on a romantic excursion between work weeks.


Taurus is slow and steady, so you may need to push them out of their comfort zone and encourage them to take a risk. A devoted, solid partnership delivers inner fulfillment.


Looking to get swept off your feet? Find a Gemini. Life with a Gemini is unpredictable due to their split personalities. Expect lengthy, passionate gazes and a difficult night in the boudoir.


Cancerians are emotionally sensitive and reserved, yet their passion runs deep.


With "I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it," Ariana Grande might have been singing to her Leo audience. Leo is persistent and eager to work hard to win someone over with extravagant demonstrations of affection.


Virgos demonstrate love by serving. They'll listen to your requirements and let you lead instead of flirting.


Libra loves easily but takes time to commit. Once they take the jump, you'll see that their loving attitude is physical as well as emotional.


Scorpios may sweep you away in a passionate affair if you let go of control. Scorpios dominate, not cry about ‘the one who got away to see here’.


Sagittarius is spontaneous, so expect fun. Their adventurous spirit will keep you on your toes and keep the connection interesting.


Though they don't express their sentiments, Capricorns will find other methods to make you feel appreciated. Expect a slow, emotional journey that will make you feel everything.


Aquarius isn't the worst lover—they just have trouble expressing and receiving love. If something unique catches their attention, they'll show you their tender side.


As the zodiac's hopeless romantics, Pisces leads the group. Their delicate view on life and strong emotional awareness mean they show their affection in every way.

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