7 Abs Exercises for Core Strength

Traditional abdominal workouts like sit-ups and crunches are boring and won't build a strong core. Go deeper with routines that get you off the floor and push your core in new ways to tighten stomach muscles and improve your core

Use these expert ideas to increase core strength and stability with the greatest ab workouts.

There are several reasons why core strength is vital, none of them are cosmetic but relate to daily living. "Our core, which connects and supports our upper and lower body, is essential in how our body moves," explains Iron Strong Fitness CEO and NSCF-certified personal trainer Tina Tang

"When utilized appropriately, our core muscles allow us to lift, turn, sprint, and move in all directions while protecting our spine. A strong (and active) core powers our lifelong activity."

Working at a desk all day requires a strong core to maintain proper posture and offset inactive hours. "Poor posture can weaken some muscles and overuse others, causing muscle imbalances," React Physical Therapy clinical director Franco Calabrese told Shape.

 Learn how to engage your core to support your spine and keep it upright (so you won't slouch in another Zoom meeting).

Before you lay out your mat, learn which abs exercises tighten stomach muscles. "There are two categories of core exercises: anti-rotation and rotation," says Tang. "A Pallof press, plank, or side plank are anti-rotational core exercises where the exerciser works at staying stil

Rotational exercises like wood chops and Russian twists include moving but stabilizing with your core