6 Holiday Doughnut Ideas

Jewish holidays include doughnuts. Fried meals symbolize the Temple of Jerusalem miracle that turned a day's oil into eight nights. Israelis like jelly-filled sufganiyot, whereas Moroccans choose crunchy, airy sfinj.

Paola Velez suggests frying any of our five Hanukkah doughnuts or making a croquembouche with doughnut holes for Christmas. This season's doughnut recipe will sweeten any festivity.

2021 F&W Best New Chef Paola Velez's croquembouche uses cinnamon doughnuts instead of cream puffs. Ready in 1.5 hours, it may be made ahead.

Chef and TikTok star Eitan Bernath's airy, spiced sufganiyots are cooked golden brown, wrapped in cinnamon-sugar, and filled with cardamom pastry cream.

Hebrew meaning doughnuts, sufganiyot are Israel's most popular Hanukkah snack. Like Andrew Zimmern's recipe, these fried sweets are yeast dough balls filled with chocolate, crème, curd, or jam.

Chef Ginevra Iverson's light, crisp, sugared doughnut holes with sweet-tart raspberry jam make small sufganiyot for Hanukkah sharing.

These delicious Moroccan doughnuts are crunchy outside and fluffy within. This dish by New York Shuk creators Leetal and Ron Arazi uses saffron and cardamom syrup instead of sugar or honey during Hanukkah.

Esther Sabach's Hanukkah-appropriate doughnuts are dipped in cardamom-rose water syrup and chopped almonds.